Paul Gauguin by Grace Cohen

Paul Gauguin

     Gauguin was a modern art painter from France. He liked to paint people and nature from the islands. His ancestors were from Peru. He came from an educated family in France. He divorced and his wife and children went to Denmark. Searching for adventure and new opportunities, he went to Panama to begin a business with his brother-in- law.

     As he arrived to Panama he was shocked! His plans for business didn’t work out. He worked for two weeks in the construction of the French Canal. When all of his plans failed, he started painting portraits to get some money. He went to Taboga searching for a tropical island to paint. During his stay in Panama he also made ceramics.

      Gauguin left his family and dedicated full time to his paintings. Finally his paintings became famous and painted with van Gogh. He moved to Tahiti. Then, he  traveled to the Marquesas Islands. He got sick and almost commited suicide. After he died, his work was exhibited at D’Salón of Autonome.t


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