Paul Gauguin by Moises Mizrachi

Paul Gauguin

   By: Moisés Mizrachi


   Paul Gauguin, a French painter, influenced Modern Art. His preference was painting nature and people. His mother´s side of his family was Peruvian. He came from a high class, well-educated family from France. After divorcing, his wife and children moved to Denmark. Later, his desire was to start a new business and an adventurous life, and moved to Panama with his dashes between worlds.


   Unfortunately, Panama was not what Paul Gauguin expected. His business plans didn´t work. He decided to work in the construction of the French Canal, but didn´t like it. So, to make money, Gauguin decided to paint portraits. He went to Taboga in search of its scenery. During his stay in Panama, he started making ceramics.


   After his short stay in Panama, Gauguin went back to France. There, he met with many painters, including van Gogh. During this stage in his life, Paul broke with the Impressionist style of painting and created a new one, Symbolism. Some years later, he started selling his paintings so he could move to Tahiti. There he lived the last years of his life doing what he liked most, painting. Paul became famous three years after his death when collectors such as Russian, Sergei Suchukin, bought his painting




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