Paul Gauguin by Shari Drevelevich

Paul Gauguin

    Paul Gauguin was a Modern Art painter from France. He preferred to paint people and nature. His ancestors were from Peru. He came from a well-off family. After he divorced, his family moved to Denmark. He wanted to start a new business, so he went to Panama.

     Panama was not the paradise that he expected. His plans for business didn’t work. Paul worked in the French Canal for two weeks. He needed money so he began painting portraits and sold them. He went to Taboga because he expected to find beautiful places to paint. Then he made pieces of ceramic while he was there.

    Paul became a full time painter. He was invited to participate in an exhibition. He used the enameling technique. In Tahiti he painted “Fatata Te Miti” and “La Oranda Maria”. Paul did his greatest work in Punaavia called… “Where do We Come From”. Sadly Paul got sick of syphilis and died at the age of fifty-four.


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