Develop your writing voice to communicate ideas effectively. Once a month, visit a place of interest and participate in a group writing experience where you will be given the guidelines to follow a specific format.
The participants will:
*Research a topic prior to the writing session
*Follow the 5 Steps of the Writing Process- Pre-Writing, Drafting, Revising, Proofreading, and Publishing
*Focus on the 6 + 1 Traits of Good Writing- Ideas, Organization, Sentence Fluency, Word Choice, Voice, Conventions, and Presentation
*Participate in a writing circle to share ideas, thoughts, and opinions on site
*Develop creativity in journal entries, personal, and persuasive paragraphs
*Comply with the MLA format for essay writing- Modern Language Association
*Share drafts by email for revision
*Post work on a blog
Requisites- English will be the language spoken during the sessions. Drafts will be sent during the month for revision to post before the next session.

Sessions will be held for 10 participants.


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